Over the last few years we have received a LOT of feedback on our 'wonder-balm'! Below are a bunch of examples from people who have used our product, to give you a good indication on some of  the things it can be used for…. 

"My wife will hold my hand again now. I can’t believe it made such a difference in just a couple of minutes - wow!)

"It is brilliant. My hands have stopped cracking and bleeding with movement. I also use it as a lip balm. I also find it great for wind burn. Just wanted to let you know what a fantastic balm it is."

"My husband's hands were so dry and cracked from his work that they give him pain and he could not completely close his fingers to make a fist. Your balm has made such a difference to him, we are both very grateful"

"I saw the post about the person using the balm to heal their cut and thought I'd try it on a really bad blister on my thumb I got from weeding. It was red raw and several layers down and I was sick of the stinging. That night the stinging had  gone down and the rawness had kinda closed over. It happened on a Friday and by Monday it had more or less come good as I kept using it all weekend. I thought people might have been exaggerating but I was actually amazed how quickly this stuff works! Thanks!"

"Every psoriasis cream I’ve ever used has to be applied 3 times a day, change your eating habits, face north east whilst standing on one foot etc….and they still don’t work.

I put your Balm on in the morning,  can miss a day or 2 and it STILL keeps my skin smooth, even after taking a few showers. I LOVE IT AND I’LL TELL EVERYONE ABOUT IT!!!"

"One of the best products on the market, and if you have a problem tattoo that just will not settle down, this is the absolute best I have seen in 40+ years tattooing!!!" Dave Rand, Tattooing Legend

"I am loving the balsam (balm), I have used it for everythingHealing tattoos - best stuff in the market out there, I have had very minimum scabbingDry lips (the Scots weather is harsh in winter) soft nowDry, cracked heels, finally something that does actually work and makes your feet silky soft. I am in a job where hand hygiene is a must, so constant washing and alcohol gels have dried my hands out. What do you know, the balsam has restored them to baby soft. I really can't rave on about this product enough. GREAT job, and I am recommending you to everyone. Much love, Hels (Glasgow, Scotland)"

"Love the balm and have only used it onceAlready can see it working on my cracked ugly feet"

"I recently had hot olive oil splash from the frying pan onto my shin which seared a line about 6cm long and 1 wide as it rolled down my leg. Before I had time to react to the pain I grabbed the Balm and applied it, then put some ice on straight after. Amazingly I had little to no pain or throbbing at all and  kept applying the Balm every few hours for the rest of the day. Next morning there was a lot less bubbling under the skin than I thought there would be considering the size of the burn. It never festered and I kept up the Balm for the next few days. The burn mark went a deep shade of purple and then faded almost completely after about 5 days. Two weeks later and you would never know it had happened. No scarring, nothing! It never burst either. I've also watched small cuts heal in hours too. This Balm is amazing"

"Awesome cream guys - not thick and uncomfortable like other creams and balms"

"The one thing that I love most about your Balm is the fact that I only need one product for all my skin needs.  Not like some other products, which are not all natural and are very greasy."

"Ours arrived last week. Within a day my partner was saying how it was already working for her, and I've been using it on my sunburn (don't ask) and it is clearing up after 24 hours. Great product and would recommend to anyone!!!"

"I LOVE this cream - THANK YOU… I really didn't want to use all that chemical stuff on my open wound so was happy to find your all natural cream"

"Mum and I only bought the healing balm today at Glenorie markets, thinking at the very least our skin would feel smooth. Put it on my cracked and bleeding heels, and a few hours lata I checked and all the dryness has completely gone. Neva laughed so hard, couldn't believe it. Going to smear it all ova my eye lines now to see what happens! :)"

"I love your healing balm! I burnt myself with some oil spitting out of the frypan last night and it hurt like blazers… I put your healing balm on it and instant relief, and in the morning no blisters - just a mark on my arm to remind me to be more careful next time! Your gorgeous products rock!"

"This Balm helps keep the tattoo colour strong, and really takes the itch out of the healing process. You won't get any pimples running through your tattoo as opposed to some other creams, and because it's made with natural ingredients you can use it as a long term aftercare product."

"I purchased your healing balm a few weeks ago. I am writing to you to express how pleased I am with your product. I have really noticed the difference in terms of the strength of my skin around my nails. Previously, I used to bite the skin around my nails, however after using this product it has helped me bite less and strengthen my skin more. I have really noticed the difference and I am so grateful you informed me about this product. It is really satisfying to know that products such as your do workYou should be very proud of your efforts and how you please so many people, including myself"

"Thank you for posting the Healing Balm today, I can't wait until it arrives. I borrowed just a tiny drop of my Mother-in-law's balm of yours the other day, and put it on the skin under and around my eyes. I've had eczema there for a while, and it had split the skin again and was bleeding. I've tried so may things, including rose hip oil and other very expensive wonderful creams that were good for my skin but just did nothing for the eczema. When I put the healing balm on the eyes, I though nothing more of it, and thought I'd see what the eye area looked and felt like when I got home. I did notice that the balm didn't sting, which was the first thing I liked about it as I have very sensitive skin and so far everything I've tried has stung my eye skin. When I got home and had a look I was amazed, as it had totally taken then dry skin away, and even seemed to have sealed the bleeding cracked bit up and the skin seemed like it had more life to it, and not so flat and dried out"

"It is the ONLY thing my 4 boys will let me put on their cuts, bumps, burns and blemishes. We all love it so much, thank you!"

"My Mum had a rash from a shampoo that was too strong for her skin. The rash was very red, risen, warm and aggressive - it was all through her hair, down her shoulders and spreading half way down her back. She was in agonyWithin 1 hour of trying your soothing cream, the itch was easing and the redness had gone down. By the next day it was looking and feeling much betterAfter a week it was a distant memoryThanks for easing Mum's pain and for supplying a lovely natural product. We will be back soon :-)"

"I was skeptical about "another" cream but willing to give it a go. Surprised is an understatement; the healing balm has healed everything in this family from burns to nappy rash and without one sting. My 2 year old had an abrasion on his leg soon after the balm arrived, so I put the magic new cream to work and in days his leg was clear. The baby had nappy rash shortly after and we tried the balm on her. Once again, improvement in 1 day and in days it was gone! I burnt myself on the oven (as we do when doing so much) and the Healing Balm was nearby so on it went. The next day you could not tell I had had a run in with the oven rack. The healing balm is not just another cream, it is a "divine" infusion - thank you!"

"My doctor kept giving me prescriptions for my rosacea but nothing worked. Finally I decided to try your healing balm and I was so thrilled to find that it cleared up my rosacea! Thank you so much!"

"I was cutting open a box with a stanley knife and missed, slicing my index finger wide open. It was pretty nasty and I probably should have gotten stitches, but I didn't have time and I remembered that I had my Tattoo Balm in my bag. I lathered it all over the cut and wrapped it up tight. I kept it covered with balm for the next few days while it began to close over, and it did that really fast - especially compared to other cuts I've had. After only 3 days it didn't need a bandaid and by the end of the week it only looked like a scratch. Now, two weeks later and there's a very faint pink line where it was - I really thought there'd be some lasting scar or something. Fastest recovery from something like that ever! You guys are right, the balm isn't just for tattoosBrilliant stuff!"

"I just wanted to say how much I love your healing balm! My daughter (11 months old) had the worst nappy rash, and we were back and forth to the doctor trying all sorts of creams. They would give some relief but then the rash came back more red and irritated. My mother-in-law bought your cream at the markets and suggested I try it. It has healed her bottom so well! She still gets flare ups on hot days, but the balm works wonders and the redness settles down. Love it!"

"I used 'Oil of Ulan' on my face for 20 years, but now I only use your Balm as it's so much better!"

"Changed to this brand after the last balm I used caused irritation. Tattoo went on to heal perfectly in a short space of timeWon't be using anything else"

"I have been using the Healing Balm on my new tattoos and am amazed at how quickly they heal. It's a nice change to not have a greasy product and to know there's nothing synthetic and harmful in there. Plus a tub will last me a lot longer than any other product out there. I will definitely be recommending this to all people that I know getting tattoos"

"I have used the healing balm on my horses injury (a wound that just hasn't been healing) for only 2 days… and I am seeing a wonderful result ALREADY - Wonderful stuff - so glad I am using your product"